Welcome to our new website!

The Outdoor Spring season is now open for registration!

And as a way to kick things off, we will host a jersey pick-up on May 2 at 7:00 pm in the Little Mountain parking lot. The jersey deposit fee will be $50, this is to ensure all the players will return the jerseys at the end of the season. When the jerseys are returned, all the players will receive their money back in full. Please don’t e-transfer your jersey deposit. We wont be able to return your money if you do.

We now have an Instagram account! Click the link below to check us out.

Keep in mind that participating in the game of soccer while pregnant will NOT be permitted. Soccer is a high impact game and there is great risk of collisions and/or falling. 

As stated  in the CSA Code of Conduct and Ethics, Section 4.1: All parties have a responsibility to refrain from consuming alcohol in excess and from the use of illicit drugs while participating in Canada Soccer programs, activities, competitions, or events.

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