Outdoor Schedule 2019

Please arrive before 6:30 pm, as you need time to get your gear on and be able to warm up. We do not want to delay the start of the games.

***Games that will be played at Blackburn field

Game Date Little Mountain Field 1 Little Mountain Field 2 Little Mountain Field 3
May 9 Red vs. Green Orange vs. Blue Gold vs. Purple
May 16 Purple vs. Blue Green vs. Gold*** Orange vs. Red***
May 23 Blue vs. Green Red vs. Gold Purple vs. Orange
May 30 Red vs. Purple Gold vs. Blue Orange vs. Green
June 6 Green vs. Purple Gold vs. Orange Blue vs. Red
June 13 Purple vs. Gold Red vs. Green Orange vs. Blue
June 20 Red vs. Orange Gold vs. Green Purple vs. Blue
June 27 Purple vs. Orange Green vs. Blue Gold vs. Red

 Team Captains

Blue – Angela Vicars      Gold – Theresa Fenkhuber      Green – Tess Deziel      Orange – Sara Lord

Purple – Kristine Wickner      Red – Sarah Heward